Ashing Tool & Design Capabilities

Ashing Machine and Tool Co maintains a full complement of tools to serve our customers. Below is a list of some of our capabilities and offerings.


  • Concise, detailed, and accurate.

  • Preliminary formability study.


  • Project management system.

  • E2 Shop Systems ERP system.

  • Multiple seats of the latest version of SolidWorks with LogoPress and custom coded enhancements.

  • Forming simulation services.

  • Multiple seats of MasterCAM programming software


  • Four machining centers with work envelopes up to 60” x 120” x 28”. In machine meteorology, multi-axis capability, high pressure through spindle coolant, and hard state machining.

  • In-house heat treating furnaces with chamber sizes of 9” x 16” x 36” with temperature ranges to 2250 degrees.

  • Manual and semi-automatic surface grinders up to 12” x 36” table size.

  • Multiple 5 axis wire EDM machines with work envelopes to 19.7” x 13.8” x 9.8”.


  • Tryout presses up to 48” x 72” bolster size and 200-ton capacity with contract services to 1500 ton.

  • Portable CMM with reverse engineering and part study/ capability software.

  • Manual mills, lathes, radial drills.

  • Forklifts, jib cranes, and bridge cranes to 5-ton capacity.

  • MIG & TIG welding capabilities


  • Blanking

  • Stage

  • Line

  • Transfer

  • Compound

  • Progressive


  • Automotive

  • Appliance

  • HVAC

  • Transportation

  • Off Road

  • Commercial

  • Agricultural

  • Progressive Die With Cam
  • Progressive Die Without Cam
  • Bracket Die