Ashing Tool & Die Guarantee

At Ashing Machine & Tool we stand behind our progressive dies. In fact, our motto is: Dies Designed Right, Built Right, With Service, You Can Count On, Guaranteed 

In fact, we are so confident in our die design and build process, we have introduced a first of its kind industry-leading guarantee to show just how confident our dies will perform.   

The Ashing Tool & Die Guarantee 

If you order a die of $30,000 or greater value and follow our 5-point guide to success, then we guarantee the die will work without fail for 1 year or we will repair for FREE.

Ashing Tool & Die 5 Point Guide to Success

  1. DESIGN: Design your advantage allowing us to engineer for best tool life.
  2. SETUP: Setup for success following our setup and shut height guidelines.
  3. FEED: Feed your production implementing sensor guidelines and assuring no miss-feed or double hits.
  4. MAINTAIN: Maintain your lead by following our maintenance and part lube program.
  5. HITS: Hit your targets keeping annual volume within 150% of