Progressive / Stamping Die Design

Die Design

Our progressive stamping die design processes have been developed and refined for over 30 years to better serve our customers.  

We take very seriously the craftsmanship and attention to detail of our dies to ensure each and every die created has the exact specifications and is designed to our high-quality standards. 

Up-Front Analysis

We perform a preliminary formability study to determine the best processing plan. This upfront analysis coupled with our proprietary quoting software yields a timely, thorough, concise and accurate quotation. Each quote details over 50 items from product design formability observations and countermeasures, tool size and weight, component types and styles, process plans and station operations, stock control, sensors, estimated lead times and tonnage requirements.

Die Design Plan & Review

We have eliminated gut feeling and experience guessing with automated engineering based methodologies.  We do an initial design kickoff meeting with all stakeholders at the beginning of the die engineering phase to cover all expectations, schedule weekly progress reports, and address any questions our customer may have. We follow with a complete die design review with all customer stakeholders before build commencement.

Progressive Stamping Die Design Process 

Our design process is engineered to ensure quality and best practices at every step.  We use the most up to date design tools and systems to ensure a high quality, rapid design process.  Below are a few of the features that set our die design process apart:

  • Fully integrated project management system.

  • E2 Shop Systems ERP system.

  • Multiple seats of the latest version of SolidWorks with LogoPress and custom-coded enhancements.

  • Forming simulation services.

  • LogoPress Design Automation Software with Custom Additions

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