Verify Services for Replacement Die Steels

Verify Checklist

We understand that feeling of dread. You need a replacement draw, form, or trim steel built. Was the CAD model updated at build, did the toolmakers field spot die faces, was there a trim line change, do we have the latest ECO?

All things that can derail a production schedule. Management doesn’t want to spend the money for reverse engineering just because of a feeling of dread.

Replacement Die Verify Service

We can help! We have specialized software for our CMM to quickly align the physical part with the solid model and verify they match. This allows us to quote “replace per model” and address reverse engineering only if needed. It has become a service many or our customers rely on. Typically, we will quote up a replacement steel.

Once we have approval to proceed the customers tool room will pull the block and send into Ashing’s for verification. We will spot check critical areas for a match and return the steel to the customer so they can return the die to service while we are building the spare component. In the event, there is a discrepancy we can report non-conformance and illustrate discrepancy areas. This will allow our customer to make a data based decision on reverse engineering.